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Student Committees


The Admission Committee of IIM Sambalpur plays a critical role in helping students and guiding aspirants in their journey to reach the prestigious IIM Sambalpur. It helps the students by providing them with the necessary guidance and support throughout their admission and onboarding journey. The committee also provides various resources and services to aspirants, including counseling and mentorship, to help them make informed decisions. The committee acts as the first point of contact between the upcoming students and the administration.

Email: prcomm[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in /

  • Abjad H. Mazumder | Senior Admission Coordinator | 7002611740
  • Abhishek Nayak | Senior Admission Coordinator | 8270435639
  • Alisha | Senior Admission Coordinator | 9027239104
  • Annesha Phukon | Senior Admission Coordinator | 8861858457
  • Arnab Saha | Senior Admission Coordinator | 8327715633
  • Kartikeya Singh Bais | Senior Admission Coordinator | 9516023105
  • Kashak Jambhulkar | Senior Admission Coordinator | 7768099695
  • Mukta Tanaya | Senior Admission Coordinator | 8763965839
  • Rohan Anand | Senior Admission Coordinator | 7337251540
  • Sharon Burh | Senior Admission Coordinator | 9337715426
  • Vaishali Kumari | Senior Admission Coordinator | 8250324485
  • Varun Pandey | Senior Admission Coordinator | 9476296735


The Academic Committee functions as the de facto student body that facillitates smooth functioning between the students and faculties as well as the administration. The committee enables academic development and support while acting as a representative of the students in all academic matters. AcadComm has a focus on establishing connects with facilities in order to upgrade and improvise the MBA curriculum. The committee members play a pivotal role in ensuring a higher standard of the college academics keeping in mind the superlative academic benchmark set by the IIMs and the ever evolving industry requirements.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the quality of pedagogy is in line with industry requirements
  • Promoting experiential learning in the curriculum
  • Conducting relevant seminars and workshops
  • Act as class representatives, collating submissions, quizzes, and formation of groups
  • Assisting faculty across all domains in designing electives for the 2nd year
  • Conveying students’ grievances to the faculty and vice versa
  • Ensure that proper decorum is maintained in the college premises

Email: acadcomm22-24[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Aditi Yadav | Senior Acadcomm | 8224823555
  • Anmol Rathore | Senior Acadcomm | 8878862222
  • Devasish | Senior Academic Committee Coordinator | 8544744031
  • Jayashree Patra | Senior Acadcomm | 9933519636
  • Neha Nikam | Senior Acadcomm | 9225566088
  • Neha Rawat | Senior Acadcomm | 9650978544
  • Pradipta Roy | Senior Acadcomm | 7044358389
  • Prachi Bartwal | Senior Acadcomm | 8126425872
  • Rajakanth | Senior Acadcomm | 9677268119
  • Shrey Sharma | Senior Acadcomm | 8979612852
  • Vishwanath S | Senior Acadcomm | 7373069181


The Alumni Affairs Committee at IIM Sambalpur is committed to fostering a strong connection between our alumni and the institute, and we work tirelessly to achieve this goal throughout the year. By organizing a wide range of events, initiatives, and networking opportunities, we aim to create a vibrant alumni community that benefits both our current students and the reputation of the institute as a whole.Our activities are diverse and geared towards providing our alumni with opportunities to engage with their alma mater and give back to the institute. We host alumni meets, where our alumni can connect with each other and interact with our students, sharing their experiences and expertise. We also organize guest lectures and webinars, inviting alumni to share their knowledge and insights with our students, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends and developments.Finally, our committee provides career development programs and other initiatives to help our alumni stay connected with the institute and enhance their professional skills. Through regular communication, newsletters, and social media updates, we strive to keep our alumni engaged and informed about the latest news and developments of the institute. We engage with our alumni to stay connected with us and help shape the future of IIM Sambalpur by sharing their experiences, insights, and ideas.

Email: alumni[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Sarthak Paikray | Joint Secretary | 6371919451
  • Anish Yeole | Joint Secretary | 8446498140
  • Dhyey Charan | Treasurer | 7878376070
  • Devashish Malkani | Senior Coordinator | 8303379989
  • Yasa Lokesh Reddy | Senior Coordinator | 9396622044
  • Subhamita Sikdar | Senior Coordinator | 8282829466


The objective of Anti Ragging Committee is to prohibit any improper conduct by the students, whether by oral, written or in any other form which has the effect of teasing, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities causing annoyance, hardship, psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in any student at the institute. The ARC also obstructs students from demanding another disciple to do an act which one will not do in the ordinary course and which has the effect of creating a sense of shame, torment or embarrassment. ARC thus prevents any adverse impact on the physique or psyche of the student. We also discourage students from involving in any activity, with or without an intent to derive a sadistic pleasure or showing off power, authority or superiority over any student. It is the responsibility of ARC to create an environment for healthy development, physically and psychologically, of all students.

Email: arc[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in


“Opportunities don’t happen; you create them.”The Career Development Committee (CDC) is an active, student-led committee dedicated to promoting the professional development of all students. Our primary goal is to help students prepare for successful careers and assist them in securing their dream placements during both summers & finals by providing the necessary tools and resources. CDC works closely with the industry experts to create a comprehensive curriculum of activities and workshops focusing on placement preparation, skill development, and industry readiness.CDC maintains a repository of the latest industry reports, sector analyses, and firm analyses to keep students abreast of job market trends. We conduct mock group discussions, personal interviews, one on one resume sessions and other placement-related training activities with experts to help students gain confidence and improve their interview skills. Our focus on identifying skill gaps helps us provide students with tailored guidance to enhance their competencies and refine their abilities.At CDC, we are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters professional development, career growth, and success for everyone. We believe that with the right resources and guidance, every student can reach their full potential and achieve their career aspirations.

Email: cdc[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Aarushi Shrivastava | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 8817213977
  • Aishwarya Arya | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 7300969466
  • Ganesh Balaji N | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 9944402369
  • Himanshu Chaturvedi | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 9654272454
  • N Sravya | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 7892640695
  • Nandan Kadam | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 9769042124
  • Preeti | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 7745958887
  • Ruby Khokhar | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 9560728313
  • Sadde Sri Lakshmi Prasanna | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 7288861953
  • Utkarsh Choudhary | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 7250583483
  • Vishal Sadhu | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 9564373800
  • Yukta Sharma | Senior Career Development Coordinator | 9674779219


The Industry Relations Committee of IIM Sambalpur is responsible for fostering strong relationships with multiple important industries and acts as the liaison between the student fraternity and the corporate community. It conducts the annual flagship business conclave of IIM Sambalpur, “Marmagya,” which is perhaps the single most significant industry and corporate immersion activity in the institute as it brings the leaders and experts of the Indian business realm to a single platform.It also conducts the guest lecture series, “Thought Suite,” which enables the students to learn from industry experts and leaders. Furthermore, the committee conducts Industrial Visits, Live Projects, Training Workshops, and a gamut of industry-centric activities to achieve its goals. These events are specifically designed to complement the classroom pedagogy and enable participants to develop an erudition in management sciences and practices, leading to the holistic development of the next generation of scholarly managers.

Email: industry[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Abhishek Kumar Bharti | Secretary | 9693092641
  • Ilesh Bamroliya | Vice – Secretary | 7405550543
  • Aviral Mangal | Treasurer | 7417826621
  • Jivesh | Senior Coordinator | 8800798721
  • Khushi Gupta | Senior Coordinator | 9891525903
  • Sowmya Shree | Senior Coordinator | 9040003815
  • Pragadeesh B | Senior Coordinator | 9790547602
  • Anjali Singh | Senior Coordinator | 8660525841


Welcome to the Innovation and Incubation Center at IIM Sambalpur, where we strive to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and aspiring entrepreneurs across the nation. We are a dynamic team of mentors, industry experts, investors, and venture capitalists who provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to interact, learn and network.

Our mission is to create a supportive ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful businesses. We achieve this by conducting various events, workshops and mentorship sessions that help incubated start-ups grow and succeed. We also collaborate with leading funding and startup accelerator firms to expand our mentor pool and provide our students with opportunities to connect with top industry professionals. Our flagship event, “Nirmaan,” provides a unique platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain insights and learn from the experiences of established industry leaders. We assist entrepreneurs from all over the country. At the Innovation and Incubation Center, we are committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset of our students and empowering them to make a difference in the world. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and innovation and let us help turn many dreams into reality.

Email: iic.hrclub[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Kamal Ashish | President | 7388840089
  • Divyanshu Agarwal | Vice President | 7044253624
  • Adharsh Ponnam | Vice President | 8984648333
  • Saurav Sapra | Social Media Head | 8209804273
  • Kunal Raut | Startup relations Head | 9130149171
  • Himanshu Sahu | Senior Coordinator | 7223981957
  • Dalia | Senior Coordinator | 7082113223
  • Viraj Purohit | Senior Coordinator | 8401073155
  • Rishinath M | Senior Coordinator | 7207420123
  • Ankita Deb | Senior Coordinator | 6000714292
  • Lakshya Sharma | Senior Coordinator | 8080992597


The Infrastructure and Mess Committee (IMC) at IIM Sambalpur serves as a vital intermediary between the student community and the administration, responsible for addressing all Hostel and Mess related issues. Our core mission is to enhance infrastructure and facilities, providing students with quality food and a comfortable stay.As the IMC, we undertake a range of responsibilities that have a direct impact on the student experience. This includes working closely with Hostel authorities to promptly address student concerns, negotiating with external vendors to secure cost-effective deals, mediating conflicts among students, and advocating for student demands.We also possess the authority to authorize and implement changes in the mess and canteen food services, taking into account student feedback to ensure the highest standards of hygiene, nutrition, and taste.Our committee assumes comprehensive responsibility for end-to-end mess management, ensuring students have access to healthy and hygienic food options. Additionally, we manage additional services on campus, including network printing, courier services, laundry facilities, parlour and salon amenities, hostel room allocation and accommodation, and cloakroom facilities. Through our diverse roles and responsibilities, we aim to create an environment that promotes student satisfaction, academic growth, and holistic development. At the IMC, our primary focus is on enhancing the quality of life for all participants at IIM Sambalpur, promoting a sense of belonging and a positive campus experience.
IMC is Responsible for:

1. Resolving the problems faced by the students in collaboration with the Hostel authorities
2. Negotiating with external vendors for various deals such as logistics, telecom, laptops, and hostel deals
3. End to End Management of the Regular and Night Mess
4. Managing network printing and scanning, courier, laundry, transportation, and other services on campus
5. Hostel rooms allocation, accommodation and cloakroom facilities

IMC ensures that the students get a home-like feeling and are at ease while there stay at IIM Sambalpur.

Email: imc[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Sagar Patil | President | 7338147413
  • Kushal Sheth | Senior Coordinator | 8770410849
  • Shrishti Gupta | Senior Coordinator | 9709580161
  • Jagriti Singh | Senior Coordinator | 9682710060


The IT committee at IIM Sambalpur acts as an interface between students and the institute’s IT department. It is a focal point for all IT-related activities for students such as maintenance of IT framework including Wi-Fi networks, local access networks, content sharing, access to online library journals and subscriptions, procuring software licenses on a need basis, website update management, managing servers and database of Institute and other IT related matters in the hostels and campus, apart from these, IT Committee also supports and organizes online gaming activity as part of eSports activity for the students in the institute. With an unavoidable need for internet and other IT facilities on campus, the committee works throughout the year in providing the best IT support to the students. It also collaborates with the other Committees and clubs of the institute to avail them of IT Services for their proper functioning and to make sure that end-to-end requirements of IT infrastructure are met. We also collaborate and work with clubs and committee events for smooth functioning and coordination.

Email: itcom[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Sumit Sangwan | Secretary | 7887579973
  • Mitali Madhusmita | Vice Secretary | 7657011836
  • Rahul Joshi | Senior Coordinator | 8587994303
  • Bijoy Krishna Pegu | Senior Coordinator | 9678507351
  • Sayalee Meshram | Senior Coordinator | 7558328319
  • Saket Madhukar Munghate | Senior Coordinator | 8208525026


Kalakriti- The cultural committee of IIM SAMBALPUR strives towards the goal of creating a second home for everyone on the campus.And by second home, we mean a space where warmth is ignited and relations are fostered. We ensure to bring a smile to faces and tears to eyes; of joy, of course! with everything we create.Each event organized by us has witnessed immense fun and hours of obliviousness to the otherwise sacrosanct deadlines.Kalakriti provides the breather that everyone needs in this fast-paced environment. Our only motive is to fill the void in everyone’s heart with the arrival of any festival and continue the commitment to traditions we have been following since forever. We never forget to make everybody dance their hearts out, whether it be with your partner on prom night or to the tunes of garba on garba night. We try to take care of the social as well as cultural aspects of life at IIMS with all our heart and the massive anticipation in everyone’s eyes for our events is what keeps us going. We love to create memories and we love it even more when everyone becomes a part of it.

Email: kalakriti[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Mahipal Patidar | Joint Secretary | 7746007753
  • Purva Gattani | Joint Secretary | 9340226304
  • Isha Aggarwal | Spokesperson | 654327909
  • Prachi Phatangare | Head of Operations | 8104810824
  • Isha Aggarwal | Head of Operations | 9654327909
  • Priyadarshini Roy | Head of Social Media and PR | 8927975066
  • Shradha Rani Parida | Head of Social Media and PR | 9348636737
  • Ujala Singh | Head Treasurer | 6393670819


The purpose of the Library Committee is to act as a communication channel between the students and the Institute authorities like the library, PGP office, and the Library chair. The committee’s primary responsibility is to oversee the library’s operations, including the selection, acquisition, and organization of library resources such as books, journals, and other materials. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that the library provides adequate and appropriate services to meet the needs of the institute’s faculty, students, and staff. Additionally, the committee plays an important role in developing policies and guidelines related to the library’s operations, such as borrowing policies, copyright compliance, and user behavior. They also ensure that the library’s resources and services are accessible and equitable for all users.Overall, the IIM Sambalpur Library Committee works to create a well-managed and user-friendly library that supports the academic and research needs of the institute’s community.

Email: libcom[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Manish Bhuyan | Secretary | 9707232190
  • Joel Joy Polimetla | Vice Secretary | 8985886577
  • Vishal Kumar Gupta | Senior Coordinator | 9718072290


The Office of International Relations embodies IIM Sambalpur’s commitment to promoting global learning, intercultural understanding, and international exposure. The primary function of OIR is building and maintaining meaningful collaborations with International Institutions, Organisations, and Industries. The office manages multiple short-term and long-term engagements like International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP), International Immersion, research collaborations, faculty exchanges, and guest sessions. We are also responsible for conducting seminars and workshops that promote intercultural learning and knowledge sharing. Following IIM Sambalpur’s mission to cultivate responsible leaders with an entrepreneurial perspective, the office is actively establishing a robust collaboration network with numerous institutions. We are incredibly proud of our partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Copenhagen Business School, Frankfurt Institute of Finance and Management, Antwerp Management School, Alba Graduate Business School, and many more. OIR serves as the first touchpoint for students willing to go abroad and for international students interested in studying at IIM Sambalpur, providing all the necessary support required for such exchange activities or research collaborations.

Email: oir[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Aditya Kumar | Secretary | 8002800964
  • Divyashree Ramdam | Vice Secretary | 8787486773
  • Neeharika Surabhi | Head of Global Engagements | 8317640212
  • Srishti Varshney | Head of Partnerships | 99873564151
  • Aman Sahu | Head of Internal Affairs | 9827221549
  • Chanchal Chopda | Head of Internal Affairs | 7276477039
  • Vidita Sharma | Head of Public Relations | 8441852094
  • Rahul Bharadwaj | Head of Public Relations | 8472971833


The PR and Media Committee is responsible for maintaining the brand IIM Sambalpur and communicating the same to its external stakeholders. The committee, hereafter referred to as PRComm, maintains the college’s social media presence. PRComm is responsible for maintaining the flow of information between the internal and the external stakeholders of IIM Sambalpur. The members of PRComm maintain query pages on discussion portals and help facilitate the flow of correct information to the existing and prospective stakeholders, helping them understand and appreciate the brand that is IIM Sambalpur. They publish the official newsletter of IIM Sambalpur, IIMSAMachar, and host events such as TEDxIIMSambalpur. PRComm, called the face of the institute, has also been given the responsibility of being the Admission Committee and guiding the aspirants in their journey to reach the prestigious IIM Sambalpur..

Email: prcomm[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Abjad H. Mazumder | Senior Partner | 7002611740
  • Abhishek Nayak | Senior Partner | 8270435639
  • Alisha | Senior Partner | 9027239104
  • Annesha Phukon | Senior Partner | 8861858457
  • Arnab Saha | Senior Partner | 8327715633
  • Kartikeya Singh Bais | Senior Partner | 9516023105
  • Kashak Jambhulkar | Senior Partner | 7768099695
  • Mukta Tanaya | Senior Partner | 8763965839
  • Rohan Anand | Senior Partner | 7337251540
  • Sharon Burh | Senior Partner | 9337715426
  • Vaishali Kumari | Senior Partner | 8250324485
  • Varun Pandey | Senior Partner | 9476296735


IIM Sambalpur’s sports committee plays a crucial role in fostering sports and physical activities on campus, which not only helps students maintain a healthy lifestyle but also fosters teamwork, leadership, and other important life skills. The committee works to establish a sports culture on campus in which students are routinely encouraged to engage in sports and physical activities. A sports committee is responsible for organizing sporting events, tournaments, and campus activities. The committee plans and executes numerous sporting events and tournaments, such as cricket, football, and basketball, among others. The committee assists students in participating in sporting events organized by B-schools such as XLRI and other IIMs. During the annual event of IIM Sambalpur, ETHOS, the Sports Committee organizes the largest event of the Ethos, which is also attended by contingents from other institutions. One can gain experience not only with sporting events but also with conducting and managing events throughout the year.

Email: sportscom[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Rishikesh Sudke | President | 9545222676
  • Varsha Sharma | Vice President | 7786081273
  • Suraj Kumar | Joint Chief of PR | 9113778562
  • Rahul Singh | Joint Chief of PR | 9667401672
  • Shuvam Dutta | Joint Chief of Sponsorship | 8697967117
  • Deegoju Suresh | Joint Chief of Events and Inventory | 9502492921
  • Malika Fulmari | Joint Chief of Events and Inventory | 8600831317
  • Pankaj Kumar | Joint Chief of Sponsorship | 9525864161


The Students’ Affairs Council (SAC) is an elected student body that serves as the administering pinnacle of all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and assists all academic activities. The SAC acts as a liaison between several internal and external stakeholders, including the institute administration, faculty, alums, other national and international institutes, and the institution’s heart, i.e., the students. It organizes and supervises events to enhance the socio-cultural life of the students at IIM Sambalpur. The SAC oversees the working of all the clubs and committees of the institution, which in turn work towards their goal of fostering better relationships with various stakeholders and also provide a common ground to students with common academic interests and hobbies.


  • Dhanush P | President | 8792848313
  • Piyush Tajne | Vice President | 9022091738
  • Titirsha Agrawal | Treasurer | 8879979406
  • Nandani Kalani | Head of Internal Affairs | 9559599885
  • Arpan Gopal Panda | Head of Events | 9853044439


The Placement Committee of IIM Sambalpur is an autonomous body driven by the students that head and incorporates placement and career advisory activities to guide students in choosing the right career paths and imbibes adequate knowledge, skills and aptitude in them on behalf of the institute. The committee plays an integral part in bridging the gap between the Institute and the Industry to create a symbiotic relationship between them which in turn helps in churning out the best of the talented professionals having exceptional business skills and acumen. The part played by Placement Committee is instrumental in ensuring that the students of this institute get the best exposure in the Industry in lieu of Live Projects, Leadership Connects, Summer Internship Programs, and Final Placements.


  • Aastha Yadav | Senior Placement Coordinator | 6397629173
  • Argus AP | Senior Placement Coordinator | 8984062206
  • Ashik P Elias | Senior Placement Coordinator | 9995220053
  • Himanshi Soni | Senior Placement Coordinator | 7011730475
  • Himanshu Chaturvedi | Senior Placement Coordinator | 9654272454
  • Mayank Deep Gwal | Senior Placement Coordinator | 9424211800
  • Sreevind R | Senior Placement Coordinator | 9656324647
  • Yukta Sharma | Senior Placement Coordinator | 9040119205