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Director’s Message


Director of IIM Sambalpur

+91 7064410831

Place for Entrepreneurial Innovation and Experiential Learning.

A very warm and hearty welcome from IIM Sambalpur !

As we take our initial steps into the world of Management Education, our distinctive approach holds Innovation, Integrity and Inclusion as fundamentals to mould it into an Institute of eminence. Our main emphasis is to reach out and explore the unconventional areas through an entrepreneurial and novel approach.

The world is competitive and we at IIM Sambalpur would like to take up the challenge through our action-centric research, value-based consulting and experiential learning pedagogy. The knowledge and values that we wish to impart at IIM Sambalpur aim to develop professional business acumen while making our students versatile human beings and proud citizens of the Nation.

The current economic scenario of our country is brimming with endless opportunities. Apart from Corporate Giants, avant-garde Startups endorsed by stakeholders, inclusive of the Government itself, provide a rich platform wherein many of our students would like to take a path of job creators as Entrepreneur. We strive to instil a holistic mindset of sustainable and socially inclusive growth in all the endeavours taken up by all of our stakeholders. I invite all those professionals who wish to indulge in Entrepreneurial Innovation and Management Education through experiential learning to become a part of IIM Sambalpur.