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Research Seminar

Date of the Research Seminar :

20th March 2023

Title of the Research Seminar :

Technology and the Business of Land Administration: Innovation, Impact, and Interdisciplinarity

Biography :

Serene is a Senior Lecturer in Geospatial Science at RMIT University. Her interdisciplinary research is focused on the urban poor, with interests in land rights, trustworthy land information systems, gender, and climate resilience. Her research explores how disruptive technologies used to map land rights in vulnerable communities impacts trust in formal land administration systems, one of the most corrupt public institutions globally. Serene is also part of a multidisciplinary project funded by the Adaptation Fund to support climate resilience in Honiara, Solomon Islands, where she investigates socio-spatial impact, needs and intersectional experiences of informal settlements affected by climate change and urbanisation to inform interventions.