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“Only move forward with creating a product that will be “above the bar.” -Brian Lawley

AlphaBeta the Product Management club of IIM Sambalpur aims to cultivate the Product enthusiasts of today to the Product Leaders of tomorrow facilitating networking and recruiting opportunities, and empowering students to solve real-world problems. The ultimate goal of the club is to foster industry leaders in product management domain. We foster an environment of creativity, innovation, and networking.

We act as a platform to foster product leadership and perspective among students regardless of the career path. This will be done by building a community, a team and by hosting relevant events focused on this vision.

We introduce students to the latest trends on designing IT Products and bridging the gap between learning and practice by having sessions and workshops with industry experts from the product domain.

The key activities conducted by the club are Guest sessions, Product Bootcamps, workshops infusing strategy with Product Management concepts and placement related training exercises & documents to give the students an edge when it comes to applying for their dream Product management company. The flagship event- The Ultimate PM, is a national level competition, which provides a platform for students to compete with other B- Schools, to test their Product management & problem-solving acumen. Overall, we provide a forum for discussion on product management related issues by serving as a facilitator for communication between the community, industry and academics.

Email: alphabeta[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in
  • President | Priya Pant |
  • Vice President | Sahil Sumit |
  • Senior Coordinator | Krishu Kokila |
  • Senior Coordinator | Harshavardhan Shingare |
  • Senior Coordinator | Shubham Singh |

Bears n Bulls – The Finance Club of IIM Sambalpur acts as a platform to bring together participants who share an interest in the area of finance and economics. The club aims to disseminate knowledge through peer-to-peer learning and to bridge the gap between practical understanding and theoretical concepts. The club conducts workshops on different areas of finance so that, every finance enthusiast can learn something more, apart from what is taught in the classroom. Adding more to the opportunities, the club organizes fortnightly sessions on “Financial and Business Trends”, a bimonthly magazine named “Finsights” where the member and other finance enthusiasts share their thoughts and opinions about the current financial and economic issues and various competitions including its flagship “Equinotch” which is a Stock Valuation Challenge to make students acclimatize themselves with the nuances of stock markets and valuation.

We also conduct quiz competition ‘Mudrabazar’ on capital market and fintech.To make students engaged we have started monthly quiz which will escalate the knowledge and enhance their understanding

‘Bears n Bulls’ wishes to develop a corporate-academia environment by conducting various guest lectures by industry experts. Bears n Bulls has its official Facebook and LinkedIn page where the club tries to engage its followers by sharing interesting posts, articles, facts, and news daily which enhances the participant’s skills to self-assess their financial awareness and assist them in inculcating a deeper understanding of Finance.

Email: bnb.finclub[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in
  • President | Yash Sharma |
  • Vice President | Ankit Sachan |
  • Senior Coordinator | Aayush Grover |
  • Senior Coordinator | Karandan Singh Chouhan |
  • Senior Coordinator | Rushita Jain |
  • Senior Coordinator | Janhavi Goliwar |
“Good strategy works by focusing energy and resources on one, or a very few, pivotal objectives whose accomplishment will lead to a cascade of favorable outcomes.” – Richard Rumelt

Consiglio-The Consulting Club of IIM Sambalpur, utilises real-world initiatives and company-sponsored assignments to equip IIM Sambalpur students with valuable strategy formation frameworks and provide them with consulting expertise of industry experts by bridging the gap between Academia and Corporate. Case Interviews, Case Study Framework sessions, and Case Discussions are hosted by the club to assist IIM Sambalpur students broaden and deepen their knowledge and interests. The club hosts numerous events throughout the year, including the annual business convention VIVITSA, E-stratega, and Guess-it-Mate. In addition, the club organises multiple competition series, ranging from intra- and inter-college Guesstimate competitions to national Consulting case competitions. The concentration of the club includes Consulting Cohorts, Panel Discussions, Placement related workshops, and more.

Email: consiglio[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in
  • President | Balabhadruni Suneel Setty |
  • Vice President | Rajat Kumar |
  • Treasurer | Suthanesh Raja |
  • Head, Social Media | Saurabh Jha |
  • Head, Events | Gobind Kumar Jindal |


CyberSpark is the entertainment and e-sports club of IIM Sambalpur, which is a student-run club that provides students with an opportunity to engage in various forms of electronic gaming and entertainment activities. The idea behind the club is to familiarize participants with the video game and e-sports industry, which is severely underdeveloped in the country, but has much potential. Through the events, the club provides hands-on experience in organizing e-sports events and acts as a platform for those interested in e-sports to compete among themselves and in competitions held by other colleges.

The club offers a diverse range of activities that cater to the interests and preferences of different students. These activities include online gaming tournaments, console gaming events, and movie nights where students can watch their favorite movies and shows on a large screen with fellow enthusiasts. The online gaming tournaments organized by the club are particularly popular among students. These tournaments allow students to compete against each other in various popular games.

The club is managed by a team of gaming enthusiast students who are responsible for organizing events and promoting the club’s activities. Most of the events organized by the club are team-based, which promotes team-building amongst the participants. In addition to gaming-related events, the entertainment and e-gaming club also conducts other fun events such as quiz nights, board game nights, and karaoke events. These events provide a break from the rigors of academic life and give students an opportunity to unwind and relax.

Email: cyberspark_esports[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Joint-Secretary | Arnab Saha |
  • Joint-Secretary | Sahil Sumit | 
  • Treasurer | Abjad H Mazumder | 
  • Spokesperson | Aditya Balan | 
  • Social media and PR | Mitali Madhusmita |
  • Social media and PR | Kashak Jambhulkar | 
  • Operations | Pankaj Kumar | 
  • Operations | Vajja Satwik | 
  • Technical Coordinator | Rohan Anand | 
  • Promotions Coordinator | Shuvam Dutta | 

“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”

-Mother Teresa

With the same idea, Sankalp-The Social Club of IIM Sambalpur has decided to expand its horizon into realms of new opportunities and experiences with even more vibrance and energy.

Sankalp will now function as ECHO: Ecological Conservation and Humane Outreach – The CSR club of IIM Sambalpur with the vision to promote conservation, recycling, “going green” and environmental activism. It also strives to create a positive impact and give back to society through various initiatives while making future corporate leaders more aware and sensitizing them toward their duties to society. It aims to actively participate in helping and supporting the underprivileged, contribute to their empowerment and upliftment, and make them self-dependent. ECHO and the whole IIM Sambalpur family will put in all their efforts to achieve its goals and make favorable differences across various levels.

With your support and our dedication, we will surely grow and continue to create a positive impact on society.

Email: echo[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • President | Devashish Malkani | 
  • Vice President | Pradipta Roy | 
  • Head Sponsorship/Treasurer | Mohit Kumar | 
  • Head Promotion | Vidita Sharma | 
  • Head Public Relations | G Sowmya Shree | 
  • Head Operations | Mayank Dhiman |

Emporia, the Marketing Club of IIM Sambalpur, aims at inculcating passion and interest among the students in the field of sales and Marketing, which is an integral part of Management education. The club offers a perfect blend of theoretical sessions, simulations, and case studies to encourage the students who aim to pursue their careers in the domain of marketing. Through workshops conducted by industry experts and multiple on-campus activities, Emporia facilitates an overall development for budding marketers to succeed in the dynamic business realm.

The highlights of the multiple initiatives taken by Emporia include quizzes, case competitions, guest lectures, and some fun events. The events are meticulously crafted to activate creativity, backed by logic and reasoning.

Emporia’s new venture, Markdarshan, is an opportunity for students to interact with corporate leaders and get enlightened by their words of wisdom and success stories.

Besides discussion with experts, several marketing events like Brandbaazi and Pronigma attract students from all over the country. The contests are not just about sketching strategies but are also full-filled.

M-Vision, the marketing conclave of Emporia, is another opportunity for marketing enthusiasts to draw insights into current trends.

The marketing fest, Ballyhoo street, is overloaded with amusement and creative activities.

Sharing peer-peer experience is crucial in learning management and business tactics. Markernship diary is a facility where students share their Summer Internship experiences across domains. This initiative throws light on the effort and achievements of the student fraternity of IIM Sambalpur.

Email: marketingclub[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Joint Secretary | Poornima Agrawal | 
  • Joint Secretary | Nikhil Kumar Yadav | 
  • Treasurer | Rahul Kumar | 
  • Head , Sponsorship | Satwik Vajja |
  • Head , Sponsorship | Nishiket Sadaphal | 
  • Head , Social Media | Pankaj Gupta | 
  • Head , Social Media | Jeyavanth Kolla | 
  • Head , Administration | Rupali Vaidya | 

HRidaya is the ultimate platform for HR enthusiasts who seek to broaden their knowledge and enhance their skills. We offer a range of academic and extracurricular activities that promote a better understanding of the HR field, building industry-specific expertise within the student community while bridging the gap through training and development.

Our renowned SAMeeksha podcast series features insightful interviews with prominent business executives who provide valuable insights into the world of HR. Students have the unique opportunity to connect with industry-academia and the world around them. “Twarit” – The Rapid Fire Quiz and our flagship event, “SAMviksha 5.0,” are national events that invite HR enthusiasts from various top B-schools to showcase their HR management expertise by tackling complex issues that HR managers may face in their duties.

Our “SAMavesh” webinar series offers guest lectures and sessions from renowned HR experts, providing students with the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and engage in one-on-one conversations with experts in the field.

To further enhance our offerings, this year, we introduced HRDiscourse, a unique event that welcomed students from top B-schools nationwide. Students engaged and competed in interactive discussions with on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the HR field. Additionally, our HR panel attracted industry leaders who shared insights into the latest trends, studies, and events in the field. At HRidaya, we continuously strive to enrich industry-related HR skills among the student community, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed in their chosen field

Email: hridaya.hrclub[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Communication Lead | Abhinav Mandal | 
  • Creative Design Lead | Gauri Sapkal | 
  • Corporate Collabration & Event Lead | Lalit Mohan Gupta | 

‘Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body’

Illuminati- The Literary Club of IIM Sambalpur is a vibrant student-run club that fosters a love for literature, language, and creative expression. Our goal is to provide a platform for students to explore and showcase their literary talents by promoting a culture of creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Through regular meetings, events, and workshops, the club creates opportunities for members to engage in various literary activities such as book clubs, book exchanges, spoken tales, and poetry recitations. In addition, the club hosts a range of literary competitions such as creative writing, extempore, debates and quizzes to promote literature in the institute. We also offer students the opportunity to develop their professional skills, including writing, editing, and public speaking. Members can take on leadership roles in organizing and managing literary events and contribute to developing our club’s publication.

At Illuminati, we believe that literature has the power to inspire and transform, and we are committed to nurturing the literary talents of everyone. We strive to create a supportive, inclusive community that celebrates diversity and promotes critical thinking. The love of literature can bring people together, and we are excited to welcome new members who share our passion for the written word.

Email: illuminati[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Senior Coordinator | Sri Lakshmi Prasanna | 
  • Senior Coordinator | Ashutosa Das | 
  • Senior Coordinator | Vishal Sadhu | 
  • Senior Coordinator | N Sravya | 

Magnum Opus – The Art Club of IIM Sambalpur serves as a platform to let people who wish to exhibit their flair and enthusiasm for the art they are passionate about a place to do so. Participants who are passionate about acting, singing, dancing, and other forms of art who want to advance their abilities can get assistance from the club. The club’s goal is to build an art theatre for young people with aspirations at IIM Sambalpur. The club’s mission is to advance the arts at IIM Sambalpur by giving students a break from their rigorous academic schedules to participate in a variety of artistic endeavours and exhibit their skills and originality. The club’s members collaborate to develop talent, assist students in performing to the best of their abilities in events held by IIM Sambalpur, and represent the campus in numerous inter-college competitions and activities.

Email: magnumopus.artsclub[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Event Head | Rahul Bharadwaj | 
  • Social Media & Design | Jagriti Singh |
  • Spokesperson | Jeyavanth Kolla | 
  • Social Media & Design | Aishwarya Gunin | 
  • Event Head | Lalit Mohan Gupta | 
  • Treasurer | Gobind Kumar Jindal | 
  • Operations | Vishal Kumar Gupta |

“Drama is exposure; it is confrontation; it is a contradiction and it leads to analysis, construction, recognition, and eventually to an awakening of understanding.”

Peter Brook

Natyarang dramatics club of IIM Sambalpur gives a platform for students to express and present their creative side to the fullest on the stage. It helps in extracting managerial learnings like public speaking, communication skills, teamwork, and leadership qualities. ‘’ Imagination” of an individual to help enhance the scene and prepare for impromptu live situations is the hallmark of Natyarang. The vision of the club is to create artistic flair in the students and to make students on campus appreciative of and sensitive to beauty in art.

Natyarang dramatics club hosts Drama, skits, street plays, stand-up, monologue, MIME, and many more events on the campus, which makes hectic MBA life more high-spirited in IIM Sambalpur. We participate in national-level theatre festivals of different colleges and update all our activities and snippets of our performances on social media platforms.

Email: natyarang.dramaticsclub[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Secretary | Anish Yeole | 
  • Joint Secretary | Gauri Sapkal | 9
  • Social media & Design | Ayantika Saha | 
  • Event Head | Hemanta Kumar | 
  • Spokesperson | Parth Amol | 

“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance”

― Plato, The Republic

As citizens of a global world, we cannot choose to isolate ourselves from the systems and processes that govern our society and humanity, as a whole. Hence, it is imperative that we take active initiatives toward the collective betterment of the world and each stakeholder who resides within. Neeti, the public policy club of IIM Sambalpur is the platform for students to empathize, involve themselves, and ideate for the betterment of the country and the world through the mode of public policy.

Public policy is among the most crucial determinants of managerial decision making. Neeti offers the budding global managers of IIM Sambalpur the perfect platform to understand the unique realm of public policy through its various initiatives. Neeti is thus the platform that not only makes good managers, but also aware, empathetic, and responsible global citizens who aspire to unite and make a difference.

  • Senior Coordinator | Abhijeet Srivastava | 
  • Senior Coordinator | Gaurav Malu | 
  • Senior Coordinator | Himanshu Doosa | 
  • Senior Coordinator | Parth Amol | 
  • Senior Coordinator | Suruchi Luthra | 
  • Senior Coordinator | Shivam Shri | 

Welcome to Pixel – Design and Photography Club! We are a dynamic community of artists, designers, and photographers who share a passion for creativity and innovation.

The club aims to capture the vibrant essence of life at IIM Sambalpur by managing the media database of all events organized by the institute. PIXEL collaborates with other clubs and committees to ensure that no event, whether in or out of the campus, goes undocumented. The photographs and videos captured by the club are then utilized by the PR & Media committee for publications and other necessary purposes.

With an unwavering eye for detail, PIXEL doesn’t miss a beat, documenting everything from high-profile seminars to the natural beauty of Sambalpur. Club members are selected for their passion for photography, design, and love for nature. Through workshops and other activities, PIXEL encourages participants to develop their photography and design skills and explore new dimensions of creativity. The club also organizes photography and design contests, both online and offline, and captures moments from Ethos, IIM Sambalpur’s Cultural, Business & Sports Fest.

PIXEL serves as an archive of memories in the form of photographs, allowing memories to grow old with the students and the institute, and passing on those cherished moments to future generations of students at IIM Sambalpur. With a focus on creativity, expression, and capturing the essence of life on campus and beyond, PIXEL is an integral part of the vibrant culture at IIM Sambalpur.

Email: pixel[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • Head Coordinator, Designing | Anubhav Topno | 
  • Head Coordinator, Photography | Bijoy Krishna Pegu | 
  • Head Coordinator, Creativity | Neha Nikam |
  • Head Coordinator, Photography | Preeti | 
  • Head Coordinator, Photography | Rahul Joshi |
  • Senior Coordinator, Photography | Ganesh Balaji | 
  • Senior Coordinator, Creativity | Kajol Galande | 
  • Senior Coordinator, Cinematography | Manish Bhuyan | 
  • Senior Coordinator, Designing | Sharon Burh |

Welcome to the world of analytics where data is the fuel that drives progress! The Analytics Club, R-squared of IIM Sambalpur, is your passport to unlocking the mysteries of data analysis and exploring the infinite possibilities that lie within.

Our club is a vibrant community of enthusiastic individuals who are united by a shared passion for analytics. We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why we organize exciting events like our flagship analytics conclave, “Vishlesh”, where you can engage in stimulating discussions with industry leaders and academic experts. But that’s not all! We also organize national-level competitions, guest lectures, and certification programs that offer practical insights into the latest trends and developments in analytics. Our competitions are designed to challenge you to apply your analytical skills to real-world problems, and our certification programs provide a solid foundation for your professional development.

We understand that learning never stops, and that’s why we offer our members access to a wealth of resources and guidance to help them enhance their skills and knowledge in analytics. Our executive committee is made up of passionate students who are dedicated to promoting the field of analytics within the institute and beyond.

Email: rsquared[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • President | Saurabh Aditya | 
  • Vice President | Saajan Lal | 
  • Treasurer | Deepank kumar Ujjainia | 
  • Head Corporate Affairs | Raghumandala Naveen | 
  • Head PR and Events | Naman Tiwari | 
  • Head Learning and Development | Jyoti Dhakad | 

Sigmato -The Operations club at IIM Sambalpur, a fulcrum for operations related activities. It acts as a liaison between classroom theories and practical applications in various fields of operations such as operations strategy, logistics and supply chain planning, inventory management, etc. It works with the aim of acquainting students with the latest trends in the operations and supply chain industry by conducting guest-lectures, industry visits, workshops, live projects, case study competitions, and simulation games. Besides these activities, the club has taken up the initiative to provide students with the opportunity to acquire skill in ‘Lean Six Sigma Green Belt’ certification by KPMG. Its vision is to extend the ambit of erudition by carving out the realistic intuition in the learner’s mind.

Email: sigmato[at]iimsambalpur[dot]ac[dot]in

  • President | Aman Habib |
  • Vice President | Mayank Kumar Singh | 
  • Industry Relations Head | Vinay Wani | 
  • Treasurer | Sandeep R P |
  • Event Head | Makde Sakshi Atulrao | 
  • PR Head | Jahanvi Vatsala | 

IIM Sambalpur’s student body is given the opportunity to build a sense of competitiveness, growth, and learning through the Unstop Igniters Club, which also provides an atmosphere that is beneficial to the students’ own individual growth and development. In addition, the club strongly encourages students to take part in tournaments so that they can show off their abilities and skills. Our platform functions in the capacity of a particular club, and it works in direct coordination with the Unstop platform as well as other clubs on our school. Other clubs on our campus also collaborate with it.


  • Cheif Igniter | Arin Agrawal | 
  • Lead Igniter | Gobind Kumar Jindal |