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Equal Opportunity Cell


SC, ST, OBC, Persons with Disabilities and Minorities Committee of IIM Sambalpur is committed to provide social justice by means of equal opportunity to the persons belong to group viz. SCs/STs/OBCs (Non-Creamy Layer)/Person with Disabilities/EWS. The committee will also look at the welfare of Minority Women.

The committee will follow the Ministry of Education (MoE) guidelines and look after any discriminations pertaining to all minority groups. The committee will be an effective and efficient functionary to facilitate affirmative actions in order to ensure equal opportunity to all within its folds irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion, racial, etc. The committee also committed to create a healthy working environment through eliminating the perception of discrimination and promote a social congenial atmosphere of healthy interaction for an all-inclusive growth of the Institute.

Support for Persons with Disabilities

IIM Sambalpur is committed to a policy of social justice with a view to ensuring that Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) have continuously expanding access to the entire range of academic and social activities that the institute offers. The institute will work to promote the academic, and infrastructural configuration of campus life so that PwDs can strive to attain their potential. For this reason, IIM Sambalpur will undertake a series of initiatives, including those that aim to,

  • create awareness in the community of students, staff, and faculty about the differences in the ways in which PwDs communicate and engage with the world;
  • enhance quality of physical access to institute infrastructure and work towards a barrier-free environment for PwDs;
  • and work with PwDs in ensuring access to tuition, equipment, counselling, placement facilitation, etc. when such access is needed.

IIM Sambalpur will follow the guidelines of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, Govt of India – as they continuously evolve in tune with global conventions, in order to proactively provide a supportive environment for, and prevent discrimination against, PwDs.

Nature of Support Provided for Students with Disabilities Academic

  • Conducting sensitisation programmes for students, faculty members, officers and staffs to enhance inclusiveness and help with meaningful integration of students with disabilities.
  • Accessible course materials including e-Books or hardcopy of reading materials, as per the student’s preference.
  • Support for state-of-the-art assistive devices for reading, including the text-to-speech software packages
  • Additional time to write during examination and the provision of writers/scribes during exams
  • Accessible Exam Papers, including use of bigger fonts in the question papers and other study materials as and when needed 
  • Arranging special tutorial sessions for students with disabilities
  • Special interest groups to promote participation in Co-curricular, extracurricular, placement activities
  • Enhancing the working and living environments by providing proper facilities like ramps, seating arrangements, toilets, etc. within the campus.


  • Prof. Jyoti Arya | +91 8779494393


  • Prof. D.K.Mahalik | External Member

  • Dr. S. Kannan, Librarian | 9991144187

  • Ms. Archana Sahu, PGP Office | 8839477640

The constitution of the committee is as under:

For lodging online complaints, please download the format of caste based discrimination by SC/ST/OBC/ STUDENTS / FACULTY / NON-TEACHING STAFF and fill it as per instructions. Kindly send the duly signed, completed format to