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Course Curriculum

In the first year of the programme, a participant must undergo 450 hours of instructions on an interactive learning platform. In the second year the Participants are required to complete 240 hours of instructions and the remaining 60 hours of a Project course. The Participants will have to undergo all the prescribed courses from the selected areas of specialization, with an option for choosing electives on one’s own preference.

First Year

COURSE                                                                            Credit Sessions
Managing People and Performance 3 20
Financial and Management Accounting 3 20
Essentials of Marketing 3 20
Firms and Market 3 20
Quantitative Techniques 3 20
Total Term I 15 100
Term II
Strategic Human Resources Management 3 20
Corporate Finance 3 20
Strategic Marketing 3 20
Macro Economics 3 20
Operation Management 3 20
Total Term II 15 100
Term III
Management Information Systems 3 20
Legal Aspect of Business 1.5 10
Design Thinking 1.5 10
Managerial Communication 1.5 10
Negotiation 1.5 10
Strategic Management 3 20
Project Course 3 20
Total Term III 15 100

Each session will be of 1.5 hours duration.

Second Year

II Year Course Structure*
COURSE Credit Sessions
Sustainability & Ethics 3 20
Leadership 3 20
Corporate Entrepreneurship 3 20
Management Application Project Course 3 20
Total 12 80
Digital Transformation 3 20
Project Management 3 20
Elective 1 3 20
Elective 2 3 20
Total 12 80
Elective 3 3 20
Capstone 3 20
Total 6 40
Total II Year 30 200

Three electives will be chosen from a basket of six courses listed during due course of time.

*subject to change

Program Structure

In line of the established norms of conferring an Executive MBA degree, the total minimum contact hours for the program are mentioned below:

  • Total 750 hours of classroom teaching, 450 hours in first year and 300 hours in second year.
  • Blended learning model with a combination of online and offline classroom modes
  • Two in-campus visits during the programme
  • Alternate weekend classes
  • Course delivery would include an eclectic mix of Flipped classroom, case – based methods of teaching, simulations, problem solving exercises, assignments, roleplay and in-class discussions.


The programme is designed to create solid foundation in fundamentals of business and management with immersive learning experience. The course will be online on every alternate weekend. The live sessions by faculty will facilitate interactive experiential learning among participants. Since classes are conducted on alternate weekends, particiants will get sufficient time to apply and relate their academic learning to real-time enviornment. IIM Sambalpur practices a unique pedagogy of flipped Classroom that enable participants to learn-by-practice. The Blended-mode of course-delivery addresses the constraints of working professionals in having to be away from work for extended durations of time, typically necessitated by fully on-campus, residential programs. The program is planned to be offered on high definition, video conference based virtual classroom (VCR) online platform and offline mode i.e., on Campus of IIM Sambalpur.

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