About the MDP Programme

MDP on Enhancing Academic Leadership Skills: A Training
& Mentoring Programme for CBSE Principals and Vice Principals

Introduction: Future of a nation is created by its youth. Hence, developing youth in the desired path is instrumental to develop the country. Being a demographically enriched country, India needs to inculcate a right path of development for its youth conducive to achieving excellence in career and life. The youth must be enabled to create significant values for the society and the nation. Moreover, the changing context of the World demands our youth to be ready for the future leadership through a
systematic education process. This requires the academic leaders not only to impart a competency- and value-based quality education, but also to foster an appropriate ecosystem in their schools.

Considering this, IIM Sambalpur offers a short-duration training and mentoring programme on “Enhancing Academic Leadership Skills” for Principals and Vice Principal of the schools affiliated under CBSE in Odisha.

Objective: This training programme will enable participants to acquire knowledge on how to develop competency- and value-based education, and its appropriate ecosystem; how to lead an academic institution towards excellence. Programme Modules will include competency- and value-based education, different management tools and practices applicable to academic institutions, leadership models, technology essential for governing academic institutions.