Our First Anniversary, 23rd September 2016

“From a dream to reality, from an idea to an IIM”

Looking back a year we see the humble beginning of a college poised to become one of the best in the country, 23rd September marks the first year anniversary of IIM Sambalpur.

The story of IIM Sambalpur is similar to how a seed, after nourishment, patience, care and time turns into a beautiful flowering tree. After a great deal of hard-work, we find IIM Sambalpur in full bloom today. The extraordinary efforts of the government of Odisha, people of Sambalpur and IIM Indore here stands the college, a group of students poised for success.

Let’s begin with a brief overview of the journey of the college:

Situated in the lush green environment in the outskirts of the city the college provides a secluded environment best for interaction and learning. Not just academic but the social experience here has been great. Society members have been generous and the authorities have been on their toes always up to provide the best for the college.



Established in 2015 under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 on August 19, 2015 of the government, IIM Sambalpur kick started on 23rd September with a batch of 50 students, offering courses in Management studies. In the last one year, the institute grew from a name on paper to the Living Learning Organization, always pushing the students towards the best academically and socially. Professors have not only been teachers, but mentors and friends to the students. Take for example, Professor Rohit Kapoor from the Operations Management Department, he is an inspiring and motivating Professor who is always there for his students. His lectures are more than theory, they are filled with personal experiences. He delivers lectures not from the books but from the expertise acquired through real life experiments. Words just can’t suffice the class experience.

We received an overwhelming response in internships, with multiple offers being given to each student by big brands. This propelled the institute onto another avenue of growth.

Now into its second year IIM Sambalpur has its second batch and the incumbents are readying for final placements. The growth has been ecstatic, and the journey phenomenal.