Shri Munawar Khursheed

IIM Sambalpur is honored to invite Shri Munawar Khursheed, IRPF and Chief Vigilance Officer, MCL, and Smt. Naushina Afrin Ali, Sr. Advocate, Hon’ble High Court, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh to enlighten the students on the topic,” Common offenses experienced during field working and procedures in criminal law thereof.” Smt. Ali started the session by talking about sexual assault as a crime in the office premises and how women can deal with such activities under the law of our country. She also discussed the freedom of speech which is exercised with restraint and advised students to learn to respect each other and our country. Shri Khursheed started the session with the basics of law and discussed the Indian Penal Code with the staffs and students of IIM Sambalpur. With real illustrations, he shifted the audience into the world of law and conveyed the various aspects of IPC. He extensively discussed how unlawful assembly could be identified and dealt with under the IPC in any organization or our surroundings. He also disseminated the meaning of ‘right of private defense’ and how it can be used in various circumstances. Shri Khurseed praised the original makers of our law for their due diligence and foresightedness during the process of making the law. He also delivered the process of registering a case and the various steps that can be taken by the complainant in case of improper behavior by the police officer-in-charge. In the end, Mr. Khursheed advised the students to be always ethical in their life and to accept always whatever crime we commit. The students of IIM Sambalpur thank Shri Khursheed and Smt. Naushina for enlightening the students with their valuable insights.


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