Mr. Raghupathi N Cavale, India Business, Infosys

IIM Sambalpur feels honored to have the opportunity to host Mr. Raghupathi N Cavale, Head, India Business, Infosys. Mr. Raghupathi, addressed the students on the changing paradigms of management as a result of advancements in digital technology. He extensively discussed the implementation of digital technology in GST and Aadhar in India and that Aadhar and GST are probably the biggest open source platforms in the world, where systems can interact with one another. He elaborated about the taxation systems being centered around microservices, which uses data to provide services for the ease and speed of providing tax-related services. He further described Finacle, a product of Infosys, which provides the largest banking platform in India. He also shared his experiences of working in the transformation of Banking and Insurance operations of India Post, which has the largest distribution network in India. Mr. Raghupathi, inspired the students by quoting, “When change is evident, you must harness the change”. He concluded by saying that digital technology is growing too fast and adapting to these changes by bringing new models, is the only way forward.

The students of IIM SAMBALPUR thank Mr. Raghupathi, for enlightening them with his valuable insights.


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