Sumita Sindhi

Sumita Sindhi
Sumita Sindhi
Assistant Professor
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Prof. Sumita Sindhi is an Assistant Professor at IIM Sambalpur since March 2018. She has over 20 years of experience in development sector, research and academics. Her interest areas are Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovations and Entrepreneurship.She has developed interdisciplinary acumen combining strategic management and sustainability issues.
She has excellent academic record. She did her FPM (Fellow Programme in Management) from Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB). Her doctoral thesis is titled ‘Stakeholder Influence and Corporate Environmental Responsibility in Mining Companies in Odisha, India’. She holds bachelors and master’s degree in Forestry from a premier university in India.
She has over a decade of experience in inter-disciplinary issues in development sector and works for worthy causes of concern of rural communities.She is an active member of national and international forums on CSR and Sustainable Development. She is skilled at Case Study Methodology,Stakeholder Analysis, CSR design and implementation, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).

6 years into full time academics

  • March 2018 – continued: Indian Institute of Management Sambalpur, Odisha (India)
    Course: Ethics, CSR and Sustainability; Business Sustainability and Creating Shared Value
  • June 2012 – February 2018: KIIT School of Rural Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar (Odisha)
    Graduate: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development, Sustainable Business & Strategies, Innovation in Rural Enterprise and Development, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change & Adaptation, Conflict Resolution in Groups and communities, Engaging Communities in Sustainable Development
  • October – December 2015 - Visiting Faculty at Birla Institute of Management & Technology (BIMTECH), Bhubaneswar.
    Graduate: Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • January 2012 – June 2012 - Guest faculty at Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), Orissa.
    Graduate: Environmental Law

Journal Articles

  • Shailendra P., Aeron, P., Gupta, P.,  Mahapatra, D., Parida, R.,  Rosner, R., Sindhi, S. (2018). Online Education: Worldwide Status, Challenges, Trends, and Implications, Journal of Global Information Technology Management. Vol. 21 (4), 233-241. (B ranked in ABDC).
  • Sindhi, S. & Choudhury, P.R. (2018). Spring Health's Tryst: Selling Safe Drinking Water. Asian Case Research Journal. Vol. 22 (2), 1-19. (C ranked in ABDC).
  • Choudhury, P R.& Sindhi, S. (2017). Understanding ecosystem of drought framework to improve drought resilience of small farmer agro-ecosystem. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 52 (32), pp 41-46 (B ranked journal in ABDC)
  • Majumdar, A., Sindhi, S., Naik, A.K., Mishra, S.N.(2017). Sustainable Agriculture Income: A restorative factor to arrest migration from rural to urban centers. Workshop Proceedings titled Envisioning Sustainability for New Age Businesses at ASTHA School of Management, Bhubaneswar. ISBN – 978-93-5281-513-5.
  • Sindhi, S., Kumar, N. (2012). Corporate environmental responsibility - transitional and evolving. Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, Vol. 23 (6), pp. 640 – 657 (H-index 17)
  • Sindhi, S. (2009). Research and Technology for Development: Mapping the Context of Agriculture Policy of Orissa, 2008. Research World - Innovations in Management Related Research, Vol. 6

Book Chapters:


  • Mahapatra, D., Sindhi, S., and Tripathy, A., (2020)India’s Renewables Commitments: A Political Risk Assessment. In Nandakumar Janardhanan and Vaibhav Chaturvedi, eds., Renewable Energy in Asia: Governance, Policies, and Politics; Palgrave MacMillan (Accepted for publication)

  • Choudhury, P. R., Ghosh, R. & Sindhi, S. (2020). Covid-19, Crisis, Pandemic Resilience and Linkages to Land: An Exposition. Working Paper No. 2020-05-01 (May 2020), IIM Ahmedabad. 

  • Sindhi, S., Padhy, M. & Maurya, U (2018). Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Image Resurrection: Cases of Mining Firms in Odisha. In Adhikari, A. (Ed.) Strategic Marketing Issues in Emerging Markets. Springer, Singapore. ISBN 978-981-10-6505-7
  • Sindhi, S. (2018). Culture as a tool to foster behaviour for sustainable development. In B.L. Mawlong& C.R. Lyngdoh (Ed.) Culture and Sustainability: A Value-based Approach to Development. Synergy Books India, New Delhi. ISBN – 978-93-82059
  • Sindhi, S., Maurya, U. K & Shukla, M.K, (2014). Analyzing Capacity Development Approaches in CSR Implementation and their Societal Impact. InS.Ray, and Siva Raju, S. (Ed.) Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility: An Indian Perspective. Springer, New Delhi. ISBN 978-81-322-1652-0



Business practices, CSR, and Pandemic: Acceptance and Adaptation

CSR in Post Covid -19


  • ICSSR Research Project on ‘Culture and Environmental Sustainability: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Culture in Sustainability in Meghalaya and Odisha’
  • World Bank Research Project on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Sept 2014 – Sept 2015)
  • Best Practices documentation for Orissa Forestry Sector Development Project (September 2014 – March 2015)
  • World Bank study on Land Governance Assessment Framework (Sept 2013 – Mar 2014)
  • Evaluation of Community Development works in OFSDP Project in 14 Divisions in Odisha (Sept 2013 – Dec 2013)
  • Feasibility study on ‘Establishment of mango hub at Dhenkanal’ in Odisha (Oct 2012 – Feb2013)


  • Junior Faculty Workshop on publishing in top tier journals at ISB Hyderabad. Organized by International Strategic Management Society on 15 December 2018
  • Case based teaching seminar at IIM Ahmedabad in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing on 12-13 December 2018
  • Workshop on Case method of learning – FDP at IIM Sambalpur from 25-27 June 2018
  • IIMBx (MOOC) course on ‘Strategy and Sustainable Enterprise’ (Sept – Oct 2017)
  • Short term course on ‘Market Access for Food Security’ at Wageningen from 11– 29 January 2016. The course was conducted by Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University
  • Training on “New Frontiers in Agroforestry Planting Material Utilization” conducted by ICRAF for the South Asia region from 28th Aug’2006 – 2nd Sept’2006 at NASC Complex, Pusa, New Delhi