First Year Course

Second Year Course


Compulsory Advanced Courses


CEO Immersion

As part of your experiential learning, you will be part of one unique “CEO and Field immersions” that would expose you to a wide variety of contemporary topics ranging from Crisis leadership, Intra and Entrepreneurship, Corporate Political Strategy and Innovation. These highly immersive and turbocharged interactions would help you provide an unmatchable edge through powerful insights besides connecting you with some maverick CEOs, unorthodox innovators, pathbreakers, and leaders in civil society and government.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking has emerged as a unique and essential element of entrepreneurial orientation. Therefore, design thinking course is structured as compulsory course in the program. Design thinking is an iterative process which seeks to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding.  As a part of this course, we will run design sprints, to solve entrepreneurial issues keeping users as the centre of solution. This course shall empower you to apply design thinking methods to solve complex problems with innovation.

Business Entrepreneurship Projects

As a part of compulsory field project, each participant will undertake a business project or social entrepreneurship project. Business project will help you to ideate, develop a business plan, create prototype and test. The project will be act as simulation to explore and experiment all entrepreneurial facets of the program. The project will be time-based purpose driven activity. 


With the emergence of Sustainability Development Goals (SDG 2030), sustainability has become an emerging focus of all business houses and corporate hubs. Every futuristic organisation is strategically planning their policies and actions on sustainability. Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Clean water, Education, Equality, Involvement of all stakeholders are few initiatives taken by every responsible and sustainable business. As a part of experiential learning, you will experience a wide range of insights, conversation, workshop, and powerful action by policy makers.

Social Innovation

Social innovation is the key driver for developing economies. The high impact action and enormous amount of opportunity available in social innovation space has made policy makers and industry to come out with several plan. The entire phenomena of Public-Private Partnership have helped many smart cities, government projects and private businesses to transform societal needs into profitable ventures. During the course, you will exposed to several social innovation projects in the form of classroom discussion, small group projects, corporate interactions, immersion activity and seminars.