IIM Sambalpur proudly unveils its Official Logo

IIM sambalpur new logo

IIM Sambalpur proudly unveils its Official Logo which is a bold graphic representation of the three core values — innovation, integrity and inclusiveness portrayed by the three white squares and resonating in the sanskrit sloka — नवसर्जनम् शुचिता समावेशत्वम् 


Taking inspiration from the world famous Sambalpuri woven ikat motifs, the overlapping forms in the centre, represent the local context and ethos of rigour, rootedness and humanity. The individual square elements made from three equal lines represent the three stakeholders — the institute, the industry and the society. The geometric symbol evokes a sense of openness and innovative leadership. 


The logotype set in bold font, centrally aligned, reflects stability. The deep blue colour reiterates the institute’s blue ocean strategy that focuses on exploring the unknown through incubation and entrepreneurship.