PM Narendra Modi lays foundation stone of IIM Sambalpur

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The Prime Minister through video conferencing laid the foundation stone of the permanent campus of IIM Sambalpur. The prime minister talked about how the permanent campus will give a new identity to Odisha.

Over the last decade, many MNCs have flourished on the Indian soil. “Today’s startups are the multinational companies of tomorrow. Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities account for most of the up-and-coming start-ups.” Even amid the pandemic India has seen a lot of start-ups owing to the reforms being initiated across the sectors. He advised students to take this opportunity to globally brand India. Innovation, Integrity and Inclusiveness are the principles of IIM Sambalpur. Working in line with these core values the students need to showcase their managerial skills to the country. They have an important role to encourage development and focus on inclusivity of all. With the advent of prestigious institutes like IIM, Sambalpur is becoming an educational hub. 

Students need to see Sambalpur as a practical lab. It is a naturally divine place with Hirakud Dam, Debrigarh Sanctuary, Veer Surendra Sai’s base. Sambalpuri textile is famous worldwide. Bandha fabric has a unique pattern, design and texture. This place also witnesses rich handicraft. The student’s ideas and managerial skills can increase the tourism potential of the city manifold.

"Till 2014, there were 13 IIMs in India. Today, there are 20 IIMs. Such a large talent pool can provide impetus for an Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

He emphasised on the need to plan and stay ahead of time. With the changing work environment, the skills required are also changing. Rather than having a top-down management approach we should move ahead with a collaborative, innovative and transformative management style. Technology-assisted with a spirit of teamwork helped our country deal with the pandemic and this is a huge management lesson for us. For a country like India, management isn’t just managing companies and corporations but also managing the lives of the people, he further added. 

“The more you get attached to the needs of the country and understand the challenges of the soil the better managers you will be. It is important for the management institutes to not just be focused at their own expertise but have a broad, holistic and multidisciplinary approach to overall development around them.”


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