Soumya Guha Deb

Soumya Guha Deb
PhD (FPM) from IIM-Calcutta

Dr. Soumya G Deb holds a PhD (FPM) from IIM-Calcutta. Prior to that he did PGDBM also from IIM-Calcutta and his bachelor’s in engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. He worked in industry for about a decade before coming to academics. He teaches courses in Finance, for post graduate programs at IIM Sambalpur.

He is an active researcher and has published several publications in nationally and internationally reputed journals. His research interests are in the areas of Mutual funds, Corporate Finance, Investments and Portfolio Management, Asset Pricing, Causality and Volatility in Financial markets etc. He is also reviewer of research papers in several reputed journals published by SAGE, Springer, Emerald, Elsevier.

Selected papers published in Tiered Journals

2018: (Accepted, forthcoming): IS/IT Investments and Firm Performance: Indian Evidence, Journal of Global Information Technology Management, Taylor Francis, (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed) (Co-author: Dr Rahul Thakurta, XIMB).

2018: (Accepted, forthcoming): Banking sector and economic growth: a cross country analysis over different economic cycles, Studies in Economics and Finance, Emerald, (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed) (Co-authors: Dr. Sibanjan Misra, XUB and Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-I).

2018: (Accepted forthcoming): A VaR based downside risk analysis of Indian equity mutual funds in the pre-and post-global financial crisis periods, Journal of Emerging Market Finance, SAGE, (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed)

2018: (Accepted forthcoming) : Persistence of actively managed equity mutual fund performance: new Indian Evidence, IIMB Management Review, Elsevier (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed)

2018: (Accepted forthcoming): Role of median portfolios in value-premium and size-premium, IIMB Management Review, Elsevier (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed)

2018: (Accepted forthcoming) : Institutional Investors and firm characteristics: new evidence from India , Research in International Business and Finance, Elsevier (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed)

2018: (Accepted forthcoming) : Low Leverage Policy: a boon or bane for Indian Shareholders, Journal of Asia Business Studies, Emerald (ABDC: C, Scopus indexed)

2017: Long run performance of SEOs: new evidence from India, Economic and Political Weekly, Economic and Political Weekly, Sameeksha Trust, India, Vol 52, 12, (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed)

2017: Abnormal Returns Using Accounting Information within a Value Portfolio, Accounting Research Journal, Emerald, Vol 30,1, (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed), (Co-author: Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-I).

2015: The Choice Between QIP and Rights: Evidence from India, Global Business Review, SAGE, Vol 16, 5(S), (ABDC: C, Scopus indexed (Co-author: Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-I).

2015: Equity Performance of Zero Debt Firms vis-à-vis Their Leveraged Counterparts; Global Business Review, SAGE, Vol 16, 5 (ABDC: C, Scopus indexed,) (Co-author: Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-I).

2008: Persistence in performance of Indian Equity Mutual Funds: An Empirical Investigation; IIMB Management Review, Elsevier, (ABDC: B, Scopus indexed), Vol 20, 2), (Co-authors: Dr Ashok Banerjee and Dr. B. B. Chakrabarti, IIM-C).