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Soumya Guha Deb
Soumya Guha Deb
Associate Professor
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Dr. Soumya G Deb holds a PhD (FPM) from IIM-Calcutta. Prior to that he did PGDBM from IIM-Calcutta and his bachelor’s in engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. He worked in industry for about a decade before coming to academics. He teaches courses in Finance, for post graduate programs at IIM Sambalpur. Before joining IIM-SBP he was working as a full-time faculty in the finance area at Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar(XIMB)during the period 2007-2018. He is an active researcher and has several publications in nationally and internationally reputed journals. His research interests are in the areas of Mutual funds, Corporate Finance, Investments and Portfolio Management, Asset Pricing, Causality and Volatility in Financial markets etc. He is also reviewer of research papers in several reputed journals published by SAGE, Springer, Emerald, Elsevier.

  • Finance Theory –II (Doctoral Course for XLRI)
  • Corporate Finance/Financial Management ( IIM-SBP, XLRI, XIMB)
  • Financial Institutions and Markets (2.0 credits) (XIMB)
  • Financial Services (IIM-SBP, XIMB)
  • Investments / Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (XIMB)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance (1.5 credits)(XIMB)
  • International Finance (XIMB)
  • Fixed Income Securities and Markets (IIM-SBP, XIMB)


A: Published Papers in Tiered Journals

2020: (Accepted forthcoming): Do Words Reveal the Latent Truth? Identifying Communication patterns of Corporate Losers.  Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance(Elsevier, ABDC : A). (Co-author: Dr. Rahul Kumar, IIM-Sambalpur & Dr. Shubhadeep Mukherjee,SIBM-Bengaluru)

2020: (Accepted forthcoming): Portfolio optimization using modified nsga-ii algorithm. South Asian Journal of Management (AMDISA,ABDC :C) ( Co-author: Mr Biplab Mohapatro, Dr Sanjay Mohapatro, XUB and Dr. Biswajit Samanta,IIT –KGP)

2020:  Stylized Patterns in implied volatility indices and stock market returns: a cross country analysis across developed and emerging markets, Cogent Journal of Economics and Finance, (Taylor and Francis, ABDC: B) (Vol.8, Issue 1) (Co-author: Mr. Jalaj Pathak, Doctoral Research Scholar, IIMB)

2020: A new insight into value-premium and size premium, IIMB Management Review,(Vol. 31, issue 4) (Elsevier, ABDC: B)(Co-author: Dr. Banikanta Misra, XIMB)

2019: Banking sector and economic growth: a cross country analysis over different economic cycles, Studies in Economics and Finance, Emerald, (ABDC: B)( Vol.36, Issue 3)  (Co-authors: Dr.Sibanjan Misra, XUB and Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-Indore)

2019: A VaR based downside risk analysis of Indian equity mutual funds in the pre-and post-global financial crisis periods, Journal of Emerging Market Finance, (SAGE, ABDC: B)(Vol 18,Issue 2).

2019: Persistence of actively managed equity mutual fund performance: new Indian Evidence, IIMB Management Review, Vol. 31 Issue 2, (Elsevier, ABDC: B)

2018: Predictors of firm growth in India (Accepted forthcoming): An exploratory analysis using accounting information, Cogent Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol 6,1 (Taylor and Francis, ABDC: B) (Co-author: Dr. Sibanjan Misra, XUB)

2018: IS/IT investments and firm performance: Indian evidence, Journal of Global Information Technology Management, vol 21, 2018-issue-3, (Taylor and Francis, ABDC : B) ( Co -author: Dr Rahul Thakurta, XIMB)

2018: Low Leverage Policy: a boon or bane for Indian Shareholders, Journal of Asia Business Studies, volume 12 issue 4, (Emerald, ABDC: C) (Co-author: Dr Pradip Banerjee, IIM-Indore)

2018: Institutional Investors and firm characteristics: new evidence from India, Research in International Business and Finance, vol: 46(C), (Elsevier ABDC: B)

2017: Long run performance of SEOs: new evidence from India, Economic and Political Weekly, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 52, 12, (Sameeksha Trust India, ABDC: B)

2017: Abnormal Returns Using Accounting Information within a Value Portfolio, Accounting Research Journal, Vol 30,1, (Emerald, ABDC: B), (Co-author: Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-Indore).

2015: The Choice Between QIP and Rights: Evidence from India, Global Business Review, Vol 16, 5(S), (SAGE ABDC C) (Co-author: Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-Indore).

2015: Equity Performance of Zero Debt Firms vis-à-vis Their Leveraged Counterparts; Global Business Review, Vol 16, 5 (SAGE ABDC: C) (Co-author: Dr. Pradip Banerjee, IIM-Indore).

2008: Persistence in performance of Indian Equity Mutual Funds: An Empirical Investigation; IIMB Management Review, (Elsevier, ABDC: B), Vol 20, 2), (Co-authors: Dr Ashok Banerjee and Dr. B. B. Chakrabarti, IIM-C).

B: Papers Under Review (In Tiered Journals)

  • Board Composition, Ownership Structure and Firm Performance: New Indian Evidence in a Unique Regulatory Environment
  • Institutional preference for corporate governance and firm level parameters: Indian evidence
  • Partial volatility anomaly in accounting risk and return: new Indian evidence
  • Negotiated Finance, earnings quality and firm performance
  • Productivity Paradox again : new evidence from India
  • Mining under the tip of the iceberg: Identifying signals from corporate losers

C: Other Published papers

2015: Long run performance of Rights Issues and FPOs: evidence from India, NSE Working Paper, (Co-author; K Chaitanya)

2014: Stylized patterns of Volatility in Indian Equity Market during Pre-and Post Global Meltdown: A Time-Series Analysis, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol 125, UK.

2013: Institutional preference for firm attributes: evidence from India; IUP Journal of Applied Finance, (Co-authors: Dr. Pradip Banerjee and Dr Prithviraj Banerjee)

2012: Value versus growth: evidence from India; IUP Journal of Applied Finance

2011: Are equity betas stable: evidence from Indian equity markets, IUP Journal of Applied Finance, (Co-author: SagarikaMisra)

2009: Some Insights into IPO Underpricing in India; Vilakshan, the bi-annual Journal of XIMB.

2009: Downside Risk Analysis of Indian Equity Mutual Funds: a Value at Risk Approach; International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, (Co-author: Dr. Ashok Banerjee, IIM-C).

2008: Volatility in Indian equity market during pre-and post F&O period: a time series analysis, Vilakshan, the bi-annual Journal of XIMB (Co-author: Dr Jaydip Mukherjee).

2008: Does Stock Market Development Cause Economic Growth? Evidence from India; International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol 21 (Co-author: Dr. Jaydip Mukherjee, IIFT).

2007:A study of market timing and stock selection ability of mutual funds in India- an empirical exploration, Vikalpa, Management Journal of IIM Ahmedabad, (Co-author: Dr Ashok Banerjee and Dr B B Chakrabarti, IIM-C).

2007: Performance of Equity Mutual Funds in India vis –a vis their style benchmarks: an empirical exploration; IUP Journal of Applied Finance, (Co-authors: Dr Ashok Banerjee and Dr B B Chakrabarti, IIM-C).

2006: Value premium in Indian equity market during 1990 to 2005: market evidence; IUP Journal of Applied Finance (Co-authors: Dr Ashok Banerjee and Dr B B Chakrabarti, IIM-C).

D: Accepted and presented in National and International Conferences

2019: Performance of VC/PE backed IPOs: new evidence from India: Third Annual Conference on Banking & Finance, IMI Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar.

2017: Preferred firm attributes by institutional investors: new evidence from India, Annual International Conference on Accounting and Finance, Singapore

2015: Long run equity and operating performance of SEOs: evidence from India, (Co-author: SagarikaMisra, BIMTECH): India Finance Conference-IIM-Calcutta

2014: Short-Term and Long-Term Performance of Indian IPOs: Comparison of Two Exchanges (Co-author: Dr. Banikanta Misra): India Finance Conference-IIM-Bangalore

2013: Abnormal Returns to a Fundamental Analysis Strategy: Evidence from India; India Finance Conference-IIM-Ahmedabad (Co-authors: Dr. Pradip Banerjee and Dr. Prithviraj Banerjee)

2012: Qualified Institutional Placement: An Exploratory study in the Indian Context; India Finance Conference at IIM Calcutta, (Co-authors: Dr. Pradip Banerjee and Dr. Prithviraj Banerjee)

2010: Risk Adjusted Performance of Indian IPOs, India Finance Conference, IIM- Calcutta (Co-author: Dr. Banikanta Misra, XIMB)

2007: Estimated weekly value at risk vis-à-vis actual downsides of Indian equity mutual funds: an empirical exploration; Academy of Economics and Finance Conference, USA, (Co-authors: Dr. B.B Chakrabarti and Dr. Ashok Banerjee, IIM-C)

2006: Do Winner Funds repeat? An Empirical Exploration with Indian Equity Mutual Funds’, International Conference on Business and Finance organized by ICFAI university and Philadelphia University USA, (Co-authors: Dr B B Chakrabarti and Dr Ashok Banerjee, IIM-C)

E. Working papers

  • Nexus between Energy consumption, Financial sector development and economic development: a cross country analysis
  • Risk taking and performance of firms: a cross country analysis
  • Return based style analysis of actively managed equity mutual funds in India
  • How effective are fund ratings by rating agencies?
  • Price reactions to changes in dividend payouts?

F. Research Monograph/Book Chapters

  • 2011: Performance Evaluation of Indian Equity Funds; Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany
  • 2007: Do Winner Funds repeat: An empirical Exploration with Indian Equity Mutual Funds; book chapter in Advances in Business and Finance Studies, 2006, Investment Management and Asset Pricing Section, IUP?

G. Other Research related engagements

Reviewer of research papers for the following journals:

  • Economic and political weekly,
  • IIMB-Management Review,
  • Vikalpa, (Management journal of IIM-A),
  • Decision (Management journal of IIM-C) etc.
  • Books and book chapters from publishers like Oxford, Tata McGraw Hill etc.

Associate Editor of ‘Vilakshan’ the management journal of XIMB.



Consultancy / Training

Have taken sessions for numerous MDPs and in-company training programs on behalf of XIMB. Have been part of the multi-crore Sevottamaudit consultancy project for PPL on behalf of XIMB.