Atri Sengupta

Atri Sengupta
Atri Sengupta
Assistant Professor
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Prof. Atri Sengupta holds a Ph.D from IIT Kharagpur. Prior to IIM Sambalpur, she was affiliated with Indian Institute of Management Raipur. She has more than 17 years’ experience of teaching, research, training, and consulting in the area of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management. She has contributed a significant number of papers to national and international journals of repute along with management case studies. She is an MBTI certified professional and behavioural trainer for the corporates. She has supervised PhD/FPM scholars not only from Behavioural Science area but also from inter-disciplinary areas. Her research interests majorly include employer branding, talent management, competency management, emotional labour, responsible leadership, sustainable HRM, etc. However, her special interests lie with inter-disciplinary research work. She has handled several sponsored research and consultancy projects independently.



Subjects Taught:

  • Organizational Behaviour for both regular and executive students of Post Graduate Programme (PGP; IIM Sambalpur and IIM Raipur)
  • Human Resource Management for students of PGP (IIM Sambalpur)
  • Performance Management System (elective course under PGP; IIM Raipur)
  • Competency & Talent Management (elective course under PGP; IIM Raipur)
  • Strategic HRM executive students of Post Graduate Programme (PGP; IIM Raipur)
  • Cross-disciplinary Research for Leveraging Organizational Effectiveness for FPM students (IIM Raipur)

Latest Articles:

  • Singh, S., Mittal, S., Sengupta, A., & Pradhan, R.K. (2019). A dual-pathway model of knowledge exchange: Linking human and psychosocial capital with prosocial knowledge effectiveness. Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 23(5), pp. 889- 914 (Emerald, ABDC: A).
  • Sharma, S.K., Sengupta, A., Panja, S.C. (2019). Mapping corruption risks in public procurement: Uncovering improvement opportunities and strengthening controls. Public Performance & Management Review, Vol. 42(4), pp. 947-975 (Taylor & Francis; ABDC: B).
  • Mittal, S., Singh, S., Sengupta, A. (2019). Multidimensionality in organizational justice-trust relationship for newcomer employees: A moderated-mediation model. Current Psychology, Vol. 38(3), pp. 737-748 (Springer, Impact Factor: 1.280).
  • Mittal, S., Sengupta, A., Agrawal, N.M., & Gupta, S. (2018). How prosocial is proactive: Developing and validating a scale and process-model of knowledge-based proactive helping. Journal of Management & Organization (Cambridge University, ABDC: B). doi:10.1017/jmo.2017.80
  • Malodia, S., Singh, P., Goyal, V., & Sengupta, A. (2017). Measuring the impact of personality-celebrity personality congruence on purchase intention. Journal of Marketing Communications,Vol. 23(5), pp. 493-512 (Taylor & Francis, ABDC: B).
  • Sengupta, A. & Ali, E. (2017). Immediate survival or long-term growth? The case of an Indian Organisation. Vikalpa, Vol. 42(2), pp. 111-121 (Sage).
  • Sengupta, A., Bamel, U., & Singh, P. (2015). Value proposition framework: Implications for employer branding. Decision, Vol. 42(3), pp. 307-323 (Springer).
  • Sengupta, A., Venkatesh, D.N., & Sinha, A.K. (2013). Developing Performance-Linked Competency Model: A Tool for Competitive Advantage. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol. 21(4), pp. 504-527 (UK, Emerald Publishing Group, ABDC: B).


Management Case Study:

  • Sengupta, A., Gupta, A., & Singh, P. (2016). MD Solutions: Working from home. Ivey Business Publishing. Product Numbers: 9B16C048 (Case), 8B16C048 (Teaching Note)
  • Sengupta, A., Misra, Y., & Singh, M. (2016). Viom Networks: Transformation and the next phase. Ivey Business Publishing. Product Numbers: 9B16M147 (Case), 8B16M147 (Teaching Note) 7B16M147 (Supplement Material)
  • Sengupta, A. & Dasgupta, A. (2013). Non-Performing employee: Whose fault is it -- Selection Committee, organisational systems or individual incapability? European Case Clearing House. Reference Numbers: 413-057-1 (Case) and 413-057-8 (Teaching Note)


Book Chapter:

  • Sharma, S., Sengupta, A., & Panja, S.C. (2019). Grounded theory: A method of research inquiry. In R.N. Subudhi and S. Mishra (Eds.), Methodological issues in management research: Advances, challenges, and the way ahead (pp. 181-202), UK: Emerald Publishing.



  • Bamel, U., Sengupta, A., & Singh, P. (2016). Emerging challenges for HR: VUCA perspective. Emerald Group of Publishing. ISBN : 9780992680084


Sponsored Projects (Completed):

  • Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India funded project on “Extent of R&D and Innovation in MSMEs in West Bengal: Strategies, Determinants and Effects”.
  • AICTE sponsored 5-day FDP on “Management Research: Methods & Statistics” as FDP Coordinator

Consultancy Projects (Completed):

  • “A Project on Employee Satisfaction Survey” for Hindustan Copper Ltd., Govt. of India, 2014.
  • “A study on organization restructuring, manpower planning and succession planning” for MSTC Ltd. under the Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India, 2013-14.
  • “A study on identifying training needs for implementing turnaround strategy” for Westinghouse Saxby Farmers Ltd., 2013.
  • “A study on identifying training needs for leadership communication” for McLeod Russel India Ltd., 2013
  • “A study on identifying training needs of estate executives and its implementation” for McLeod Russel India Ltd., 2011-12.


  • Programme Director – Managerial Effectiveness Programme for Competitive Business Environment for Postal Officers of Odisha Postal Circle at IIM Sambalpur.
  • Programme Director – TEQUIP 12th Faculty Development Programme, organized at IIM Raipur.
  • Programme Director – Estate Executives’ Plantation Management Programme (1 month duration) for McLeod Russel India Ltd.
  • Programme Director – Strategy Summit for Westinghouse Saxby Farmers Ltd.
  • Programme Director – Induction Training Programme for Single Window Operator of Allahabad Bank (1 month for 250 employees).
  • Conducted corporate training programmes on several behavioural topics. Some of the organizations are Indian Oil Corporation; Canara Bank Regional Staff Training College – Kolkata; Jaya Shree Textile – Aditya Birla Group; NIPM; Hooghly Chamber of Commerce; State Productivity Council; ABC India Ltd.; Shalimar Industries; CESC Ltd.; NTPC Ltd.; Chhattisgarh Judiciary; NIT Raipur; CET Bhubaneswar; GNRC Ltd. Assam; etc.